GenerationNow's Warrior, Eugene Cusson's Race across Africa!

Director of GenerationNow Movement and the Earth's Call Foundation, Eugene Cussons had participated in the Icarus Trophy Challange 2018, in the longest distance powered paragliding race in the world.

This race happened for the first time on the African continent this year!

Eugene participated in the Race Division of the Icarus Trophy Challenge. In the Race Division, pilots must fly unsupported and cross the finish line first in order to win. Pilots must remain unassisted for the entire challenge – either by flying or by walking. However, they can use ”open access” support, meaning anything that the average person can access on the route. Should they acquire help from locals near their landing spot they can.

The Icarus Trophy is a whole new breed of Air Race. It's man and machine vs the skies.


The Race kicked off on the 25th of July 2018 with 25 pilots in total, beginning just north of Johannesburg at the legendary Bill Harrop's balloon Safari. The adventure then headed north to the famous Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. The Icarus Challange Race Division concluded on the 28th of July with Alard Hufner as the winner, closely followed by Eugene Cussons in 2nd place.
  "Came in from behind yet again to finish on the podium. Not a great feeling when you know you got to pass dozens of guys but get stuck to it with some faith. Triumph over adversity. Only 3 guys finished the race! God works in mysterious ways. I overtook the 2nd racer at the border!" - Eugene Cussons