How you can get involved

The yearly budget for the youth programme consists out of:

R720 000.00 - Trainers /coordinators
R240 000.00 - Fuel/travel
R240 000.00 - Literature/Incentives/other programs

From these funds, schools' incentives to motivate the schools and the Rangers' programme will also be implemented.

The Green Beret Ranger programme will also offer incentives for performance with categories such as Best overall performance in the field, Extreme diligence, and Bravery, Best Knowledge of the Bush etc. All of these categories will include sponsored hampers for the winners which will include a bank account with an amount of R500.00 as a start-up study fund, with compliments from a bank partner. These awards ceremonies will happen twice a year and will be conducted by the Earth's Call Foundation. Hampers will consist out of school uniforms, textbooks, and book bags, stationary which are all essential items to enhance their educational progress.

All expenses will be transparent and documentation will be provided on request to substantiate all expenses.


Benefits to the Community:

Skills development e.g. in various fields of environmental education as well as anti-poaching training, field guides, trackers and even management. Employment opportunities will result from this exercise at lodges or in the Kruger National Park or at governmental institutions such as municipalities and SANPARKS.

The Green Beret Ranger programme will also establish a Ranger night watch which will involve the parents. The parents will be compensated for their efforts. A sense of importance will settle in the community which is a tremendous self-esteem boost in a poor community. This will uplift the community as a whole.

Benefits to the Schools:

The Youth rangers will receive certificates qualifying them as “rangers” and more. They will also now be part of the GENERATION NOW GLOBAL MOVEMENT. The Green Beret Ranger volunteers will set an example to other youths, which will uplift the whole school. They will be branded and geared for the role they have to play as mentors. They are the protectors of our precious assets such as the rhinos or any other endangered animals.

The youths will experience a sense of belonging and purpose. Their sense of camaraderie will be strong. Awareness and loyalty will also transpire out of the course which will filter through to the other youths in the school. Discipline will be a necessity and will be highly beneficial in such a rural environment.

The best participating/performing schools will benefit from donated items which will make their day to day life easier i.e. copier machines, computers etc. The Green Berets Rangers will also have incentive days and rewards which will benefit them and their family. These youths will be occupied after hours which ensure that idle time will be limited.

Benefits to the Funders:

The Foundation is a registered section 18 and section 21 NGO. BEE certification is available. Generation Now's Media connections, as well as that of the Earth's Call Foundation, will ensure coverage in several local newspapers i.e. Mpumalanga News, Lowvelder, White River Post and national press such as Soweto. TV coverage on Spirit Sunday on SABC 1 can be arranged as the foundation has had numerous showings on TV before. International TV coverage such as BBC and Discovery channel is highly likely. Local Radio coverage is guaranteed. Facebook, Twitter and website coverage and "update" opportunities will be provided for the sponsor. GNM boasts a following of over a million supporters.

Project Management - The Earth's Call Foundation will take charge of the Project Management duties and communicate with all involved on behalf of the sponsor, for a reasonable fee. This Admin Fee will come from the funding which will be negotiated upfront.

Please note our schools are a 100% black. Rural children benefit from your donations: Thus, we sincerely hope that we may count on your support, as these new projects are developed, and we expand our outreach to benefit more schools and communities and of cause our precious Earth and all its animals.

Earths Call Foundation Banking Details:

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