Earth’s Call Foundation Constitution

Organizational Structure
Earth’s Call Foundation Existing Board
The board members serve a two-year term or less and can be re-elected, as Earth’s Call will review the board and make changes as required.

Duties of a Board Members
  • Act within their powers
  • Promote the success of the foundation
  • Exercise independent judgment
  • Exercise reasonable care, skill, and diligence
  • Promote the vision and mission of the foundation.

Chris Daniel - Chief Operational Officer (COO)
Chris Daniel, being a fourth generation South African from a farming background, developed a love for nature that led to the successful completion of a B.Sc. Zoology Honours degree. His passion for youth education culminated in a self-published and distributed conservation education book for kids. To date, it has been translated into 8 languages and has reached over 50000 children in 13 countries globally. He is currently a member of the SANPark Lowveld Honorary Rangers with a career background as a Game Ranger, Lodge General Manager, Sales Manager and Educator.

Jeannine Ferreira - Board member
Jeannine received her residency in Turkey and became co-owner of The AutoTek Automotive Group in Turkey. The aim is to strengthen trade between Africa and Turkey as well as partake in a big investment roll-out into Turkey through the PDP Foundation that has enormous Commercial and Humanitarian Agendas.

Jeannine was appointed as the Director of Culture and Environmental awareness of the King David International Foundation with its origin in Georgia which has a sound existing investment relationship with the PDP Foundation of whom she is also a Board member.

She is the Vice Prime Minister since 2017 of the Technical Government of the Metropolis of the Jurisdiction Territories between Nistru and Prut Rivers for the Whole Slavic Diaspora of the Greek Orthodox Church.

Jeannine heads the UKA no 13 Environmental division to create awareness and maintain support and cooperation of the Traditional leaders of Africa. She is Trustee of the G4D Kingdom Trust which is the Social and Humanitarian platform throughout Africa whereby the Kingdoms are the Beneficiaries. In South Africa alone, 45 million people typically form part of one Trust structure. The constant strive to combat climate change in a sustainable way is the main objective.

Jeannine Ferreira is the owner of a few property development companies and has served and is serving on several Homeowners associations.

She is also the sole owner of Let's Trade Goods, a community/social and environmental based website and app for everyone to use but is marketed towards children.

Jeannine is an active supporter of the 6th region African Diaspora initiative. A cause which she feels very strongly about as it is part of her calling. Her involvement with UKA-A and Cido forms a platform to unite the global African Diaspora communities and to promote business ties and global partnerships with Africa with countries such as Turkey and Georgia. 

Maria Engelbrecht - Board member
The energy that drives Maria is her love for God, her dedication to His service and her unfailing desire to see Africa prosper. She is wholeheartedly committed to the work she has been called to do and will see each project through to the end. 

Maria is the co-founder of the United Kingdoms of Africa Association (UKA-A) alongside its founder King Tchiffi ZIE Jean-Gervais, the Secretary General Permanent of the Forum of Kings, Sultans, Sheiks and Traditional Leaders of Africa who was appointed in 2007. 

Maria is an active supporter of the 6th region African Diaspora initiative that was initiated by AU. A cause which she is driving through the partnership UKA-A and Cido has established to unite the global African Diaspora communities and to promote business ties and partnerships with Africa. 

Maria represents G4D Kingdom Trust on the T4D board of Directors. Maria’s involvement in T4D (Trade for Developement) is fundamental to ensure a percentage of commercial initiative profits are channeled into a structured upliftment program in every African country, as part of T4D’s humanitarian commitment. 

Maria also spearheads the T4D Kingdom Relations business unit, and is the Co-founder and Trustee of the G4D Kingdom Trust/s. 

Maria has also built strong International relations with countries such as Turkey, Greece, Moldova, Italy, Switzerland, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Russia and others, in the tireless efforts in striving to see lasting poverty alleviated and a people-centric, sustainable communities created across the African Continent.

Prophet Aquinas-Buntu Mfene - Board member
Prophet Aquinas-Buntu Mfene was called by God to be a Prophet in November 2005.

He then trained for seven years at the School of the Prophets called Life of Jesus Ministries under the late Bishop Caleb Makhanda and his wife Prophetess Brenda Makhanda.

The Prophet, because of his eloquence, excellent written skills, God-given wisdom and servant's heart was, from early on, placed in leadership roles by his mentors as they saw greatness in the budding youth.

Ultimately Prophet Aquinas-Buntu Mfene was appointed Vice President of POME Africa, which is the Prophetic Order of Mar Elijah, an international organization and elite company of Prophets trained and mentored under the watchful eye of His Eminence Arch-Bishop E. Bernard Jordan. A company that has been tried and tested.

Prophet Aquinas-Buntu Mfene is trained in a number of modalities which make him a remarkable vessel and tool in the hand of the Lord. He is trained in advanced Bible studies, prophecy, metaphysics, enterprise development and neuro linguistic programming, to name a few.

The Prophet has been ministering the Word of the Lord without compromise to people from all walks of life for the past 14 years; from ambassadors to business leaders, from church leaders to church members, from government officials to Kings and queens.

The Word of the Lord upon his mouth is sure, accurate and, by the grace of God, surely comes to pass.

Management Team
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