The Reason for the name change of the Foundation

It gives me great joy to write this letter today, as I am the bearer of good news for many AutoTec Foundation supporters.

True... The name AutoTec Foundation did seize to exist, but in name only, as the many that were involved, are all still very active in their communities and the energy and vision still burns strongly in the hearts of all the volunteers and partners.

A new name has subsequently risen from all the goodwill the AutoTec Foundation accumulated and the Earth's Call Foundation was born.

The AutoTec Foundation has always based most of its endeavours on protecting the environment and with the new name, came a renewed passion and energy, to fulfill this aspect of its vision. Uplifting communities through education to become self-sustainable is not only our mother earth's call, beckoning us all to do; it is also her wish that we all do it in such a way that we protect our earth's assets for our future generations.

Welcome therefore to the new Earth's Call clan!! Our team of experienced professional educated environmentalists and educators are taking on the problems of the world, beginning with the protection of our endangered animals and the animals that escape from our Kruger National Park in Mpumalanga.

The clan has several exciting new projects such as LTG. Read More...

Our young learner Green Berets Rangers will learn from an early age the value of having National Parks, especially, the Kruger Park. They will also learn skills to not only equip them in the tourism business but also to obtain jobs in all National Parks and Municipalities.

This unique curriculum will align itself with partners such as The Scouts and the Department of Education. Most partners pledge their support either in kind, by donating their time or with mandatory donations.

We call on you all to join us and embrace our new path, as the Earth's Call Foundation!

From the Directors of the Earth's Call Foundation


Our History -Autotec Foundation Schools


The Foundation consolidated charitable resources through a structured programme, in order to offer solutions to problems and to overcome deficits in community and human resource development, through interventions that achieve positive outcomes, with a high level of accountability.  Although the Foundation’s projects are focused initially on schools and learners, the Foundation's aim is to benefit communities as a whole.

This Episode of Spirit Sunday, highlights all the foundation do in the communities.