"Then the Lord will appear over them, and His arrow will go forth like lightning;
and the Lord God will blow the SHOFAR, and will march in the storm winds of the south."
- Zech. 9:14 -
The spirit of God is moving across the African continent in this season to redeem and restore the people, tribes and nations of Africa. It’s a covenant of blessing as the people of the continent walk with Him as their Father and receive the inheritance He has prepared for them as His son’s and daughter’s.

God is activating the people and land of Africa by releasing His voice through the shofar.

Our vision is to see a shofar in the hands of every African family so that the sound of God is released over the entire continent.

The shofar (rams horn, trumpet) is the most powerful and significant instrument in the bible. It is the only instrument that God uses Himself to release His sound and His voice into the earth (Zechariah 9:14-15; Revelation 1:10-11; Revelation 4:1). It is the instrument He used when He called Moses and His people to meet with Him on Mt Sinai (Exodus 19). It is the instrument that Joshua’s army used to overcome Jericho when God’s people came into the promised land (Joshua 6). It’s the weapon that led Gideon to defeat the enemy that was oppressing God’s people (Judges 7). The shofar will announce the return of Jesus Christ (1 Thessalonians 4:6).

When the shofar is blown the sound and breath of God is released to destroy Satan’s domination, break through obstacles that stand in the way and establish God’s dominion. This is what God is doing across Africa as His people activate His voice by blowing the shofar.

The shofar is used to release God’s purpose, overcome God’s enemies and to unlock God’s Kingdom here on earth.

The African continent is in its Jubilee season – ‘a season when the Lord restores inheritance to His people’. The meaning of the word ‘Jubilee’ is ram’s horn.
God has appointed and anointed Africa as His shofar continent in the earth. The more the people, tribes and nations of Africa assume their calling as an army of shofar blowers, the more the power of the voice of the Lord will be released over the continent and world.

Each shofar that is sent out is individually prayed over in the name of Jesus Christ, anointed and blessed by our spiritual team. This is such a critical part of the process because we believe that each shofar is sacred to the Lord as an instrument through which He Himself will release His sound and breath into the earth.

The prayer over the shofar also uplifts the people who will use it, asking for the blessing of the Lord upon them as they offer themselves to be channels through which the sound of the Lord is released onto the continent.

A word for today
“This is a time when I am calling My people. I am issuing a call to My people. I say to you My people “Listen to the sound of My voice.” For centuries My people have known My words but have grown unfamiliar with My voice. My words have lost their power because My power is in My voice. I say to you My people, “Know My voice. This is a day I have appointed for My voice to become your voice. My power is in My voice. For those who will receive it I am releasing the sound of My voice to them. Know this, My voice belongs to Me. You have received Me now receive My voice.”
In the past the written word of God has been used by man to reject and condemn Africa, today the Lord says “hear my Voice – it’s not one that condemns you, hear my Voice – it’s speaking and singing songs of love over you – it’s a Voice of love asking you My beloved people of Africa to come back to Me, your true Father - the source of your inheritance and blessing”.