How you can get involved in securing food for vulnerable communities

The yearly budget for the Seed and Feed Drive consists out of:

R54 0480.00    Training/Equipment/Setup

R72 000.00      Fuel/travel

R480 000.00    Planting guides/Incentives

R216 096.00    Trees/Shrubs/Vegetables

From these funds, twenty-four Food Forest permaculture community gardens will be launched. These then with close weekly monitoring, guidance and advice to ensure crops are kept healthy and best practices implemented for high yield, nutritious produce.

The Seed and Feed Drive programme will also offer incentives for performance with categories such as Best managed and looking garden, Best yield volume to sown produce, Top community members time contribution etc. These categories will include sponsored hampers for the winners which will include work apparel, additional gardening equipment and tools to further strengthen their gardens productivity.

All expenses will be transparent and documentation will be provided on request to substantiate all expenses.


Benefits to the Community:

The community as a whole will benefit from the program as food security will be attained, in the process uplifting spirits and providing an opportunity to convert skills learnt into a cash flow for all with surplus crops being sold. Entrepreneurs will be encouraged and can lead to additional community employment and self-employment opportunities.

A sense of importance will settle in the community which is a tremendous self-esteem boost in a poor community. This will uplift the community as a whole.

Benefits to the Funders:

The Foundation is a registered section 18 and section 21 NGO. BEE certification is available.Earth’s Call Foundation’s Media connections will ensure coverage in several local newspapers i.e. Mpumalanga News, Lowvelder, White River Post and national press such as Soweto. TV coverage on Spirit Sunday on SABC 1 can be arranged as the foundation has had numerous showings on TV before. Local Radio coverage is guaranteed. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and website coverage and "update" opportunities will be provided for the sponsor. 

Project Management - The Earth's Call Foundation will take charge of the Project Management duties and communicate with all involved on behalf of the sponsor, for a reasonable fee. This Admin Fee will come from the funding which will be negotiated upfront.

Please note our project recipients are a 100% black. Rural communities benefit from your donations: Thus, we sincerely hope that we may count on your support, as these new projects are developed, and we expand our outreach to benefit more communities and of course, our precious Earth and its people.

Earths Call Foundation Banking Details:

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