Our Clan

Earth's Call Foundation Directors

The board members serve a two-year term or less and can be re-elected, as Earth’s Call will review the board and make changes as required.

Chris Daniel

Chris Daniel, being a fourth-generation South African from a farming background, developed a love for nature that led to the successful completion of a B.Sc. Zoology Honours degree. His passion for youth education culminated in a self-published and distributed conservation education book for kids. To date, it has been translated into 8 languages and has reached over 50000 children in 13 countries globally. He is currently a member of the SANPark Lowveld Honorary Rangers with a career background as a Game Ranger, Lodge General Manager, Sales Manager and Educator.

Eugene Cussons

Public Figure and Television Personality Eugene Cussons has focused his passion for flying into what has now become the Nirvana Africa entity. Best known for his work as a wildlife conservationist and television presenter for Animal Planet USA, Eugene also enjoys being a fixed wing and paramotor pilot. Eugene intends to use his background in economics and entrepreneurship to establish and support the umbrella of owner managed franchises.

Jeannine Ferreira

Recently Jeannine received her residency in Turkey and became co-owner of The AutoTek Automotive Group in Turkey. The aim is to strengthen trade between Africa and Turkey as well as partake in a big investment roll-out into Turkey through the PDP Foundation that has enormous Commercial and Humanitarian Agendas.

Jeannine was appointed as the Vice President Humanitarian, Culture and Administration of the King David International Foundation with its origin in Georgia which has a sound existing investment relationship with the PDP Foundation of whom she is also a Board member.

Jeannine further is the Vice Prime Minister of the Technical Government of the Slavic Diaspora more specific the Metropolis of the Jurisdiction Territories between Nistru and Prut Rivers. The Exarchate of the Slavic Diasporas in Europe, America, Canada, Australia, Asia and Africa.

Jeannine was also recently appointed as the Vice Prime Minister of the United Kingdoms of Africa. She’s a Trustee of the G4D Kingdom Trust which is the Social and Humanitarian platform throughout Africa whereby the Kingdoms are the Beneficiaries. In South Africa alone, 45 million people typically form part of one Trust structure.

Jeannine has recently been appointed as the Minister of Environment for the government in the state of African Diaspora, that is the sixth region of the African Union.

Jeannine Ferreira is the owner of a few property development companies and has served and is serving on several Homeowners associations.

She is also the sole owner of Let's Trade Goods, a community/social and environmental based website and app for everyone to use but is marketed towards children. This site was developed to apply all the programs she operated during her years as COO of the Autotec Foundation. Jeannine changed the name to Earth's Call Foundation when the Autotec Motor Group was sold.

She is further involved with and owns several other website based companies.

Our Team

Chris Daniel - Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Chris Daniel is the Chief Operational Officer for the Foundation.  Being a fourth generation South African from a farming background, developed a love for nature and the outdoors from a young age. It was at this time that he decided that he was to become a game ranger and after completing his Zoology Honour’s Degree, this is exactly what he did. 

His passion and dedication found him moving up the ranks in the Game Lodge industry, attaining a General Manager position for four lodges. With a passion for nature and a clear understanding of animal behaviour, he longed to pass this knowledge onto his own children and the children of the world.

Helena Marais

Helena has been an instrumental part of Autotec Foundation since conception. With a background in administration, IT and web development together with graphic design, Helena's knowledge has been extremely valuable to the organization. Add several years of experience as a building project manager, her tenacity and the day to day project challenges of a foundation was completely manageable.

Jodie Bowyer

Is the Youngest and most enthusiastic member of the foundation! She has a background in hospitality management and culinary arts. She has volunteered at the SPCA's for a couple of years, and several other causes close to her heart.  She is currently studying front-end web development course as well as content marketing whilst working for Jeannine Ferreira on several web enterprises. A true asset to the team.

Louise Williamson

She qualified as a nature conservationist, and work in rural communities and environmental education for 17 years, specializing in community projects that enable environmental sustainability and cleaner, greener energy.

This professional development positioned her to become an entrepreneur and translate a burgeoning idea into a socially inclusive product and business. She now have a practical mechanism that gives concrete expression to her passion for the environment and social upliftment.

Liz Lambert

Liz has been part of an international programme that supports environmental learning in schools. She ran this programme in the rural areas on the borders of the Kruger National Park. She assisted the training of both Educators and Subject Advisors with accredited training courses that support environmental content knowledge in the curriculum. In addition to this, Liz is involved at the South African Wildlife College lecturing in Environmental Education. 

Her passion is to see young people experience nature and get actively involved in caring for it and it’s through this herself and a colleague started ANTs 4 Africa (Adventure Nature Trails). ANTs 4 Africa runs camps for young people, teaching them bush skills, outdoor adventure and leadership development with an emphasis on having fun while learning in an outdoor classroom.

Zuzette de Beer

Zuzette has managed an Environmental Education centre in Kwa-Zulu Natal, run interpretive trails in various provinces, and was the provincial manager for an International Environmental Education Programme. She has facilitated the training of Educators and Subject Advisors in accredited courses and is involved in lecturing Environmental Education at the South African Wildlife College.

Zuzette and a Liz Lambert established ANTZ 4 Africa in 2007 in order to get learners out the classroom and into the bush, helping Educators to make lessons more hands-on and practical.