Establishing & Sustaining a CULTURE OF RECOVERY

Project Exodus is an initiative of Anthem Recovery, a justice & mercy ministry of Anthem Church in Durban North, supported by the foresight and leadership of Pastors Richard and Jaci Mun-Gavin and the Eldership team. Launched in late 2018, Project Exodus has partnered with numerous churches across the country to help them establish and build groups and recovery ministries. This is achieved through information sharing, education, training, mentorship, and resource provision. 

Project Exodus is a response to social and Biblical mandates, built on the firm belief that the local Church is a critical, untapped resource in achieving this and securing more equal access to sustainable addiction solutions, for all people. 

Each member of the Project Exodus team has a powerful recovery testimony and has gained decades’ worth of education, equipping, and experience. The team has worked extensively within rehabilitation facilities, out-patient treatment programmes, aftercare systems, and governmental organisations, including the Central Drug Authority (CDA). Called into a new season of reaching out to the unreachable, Project Exodus’ permanent, qualified staff members are passionate about making professional rehabilitation options available and accessible for all South Africans, across communities. 

The team’s mission is to equip churches with expert, current knowledge and relevant skills; educating and training them to establish their own recovery ministries or groups, providing communities with effective, accessible and affordable rehabilitation resources. Project Exodus’ confirmed vision is to continue establishing a large network of Christ- Centred Recovery Services which facilitate a course of spiritual awakening, practical empowerment, transformation, and restoration. 

Louise Swart, a Deacon at Life Changers Church, Cape Town, has personally experienced the devastating destruction and bondage of addiction as well as the joy of finding freedom in recovery. Introduced to substance use as a child, by 18 her life had spiralled out of control. Broken and living a life of trauma, Louise was saved by the merciful embrace of Jesus. Today, she is a spokesperson for Project Exodus: “Project Exodus is a Christian Recovery Ministry, implementing innovative new strategies to address addiction and expand a culture of recovery in society. The heart of Project Exodus is that no one is left behind.” 

During ongoing training and development, individuals, churches and communities are equipped with knowledge, skills, mentoring, and expert resources, which are in line with God’s Word, consistent with international best practice, and validated by years of research and practical application. Exodus Recovery Groups and Recovery Programmes now run on a weekly basis, in multiple church locations, in Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Nelspruit, Kimberley, and Port Elizabeth, with Facilitator Training Workshops taking place nationally on a regular basis, to accommodate partnership needs. 

Did you know that addiction is not limited to the abuse the of substances? Many other compulsive behavioural problems are considered addictive in nature: compulsive gaming / gambling / sexual behaviour / viewing of pornography / internet use / self-harm / eating disorders. 

Contact Project Exodus to establish a recovery group and/or recovery ministry. Together, we can do more. 

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