"Our Father God says secure your own food as difficult times are coming"

As we are heading into more uncertain times, food security  will be a crucial feature for humanity’s survival. Now is the time to revive those gardens and fields to produce our own crops and tend our flocks again as God intended us.

Get your vegetable gardens ready and Earth Call Foundation will supply seeds and seedlings that are pure and from God. Do not plant Genetically Modified (GM) seeds  and use your own organic  fertiliser (Compost) not bought from shops unless it is organically made.

Following the moon cycles will help your plant to grow faster and produce more crops. Plant or harvest  in the first or last week of each month.

For more information or to be added to the seed distribution list contact your local village ECF forum, who will be able to assist you.


Seed & Feed Drive Project Launch




Earth’s Call Foundations’ Seed and Feed Drive community vegetable gardens aims to alleviate the issues being faced in rural communities of food security. By assisting communities in setup and design for best produce production and yield, we are able to guide them towards a sustainable food source for the future.

Through close monitoring of community issues both current and future, we have turned our attention towards permaculture gardens, or rather what we refer to as Food Forests, where fruit trees, herbs for medicinal and garden pest control and vegetables are planted. Permaculture is a far less labour intensive and cost effective means of farming, with no till and no dig philosophies, seeing to the lack of maintenance funds to sustain these gardens. It too works in conjunction with and mimics nature to ensure maximum water retention and a companion planting method that sees greater real-time and future benefits of all that is planted in the garden. This then alleviates the need for costly fertilizers and harmful pesticides, creating true and nutritious organic gardens for the future.

In line with this, no Genetically Modified or Hybrid seeds or seedlings are used in the process, to ensure natures intention of nutritious and pure crops are produced and at the same time, allow for efficient and successful Seed Harvest practices with “daughter plants” being produced that resemble the adult plants.

Through weekly monitoring and a team of experts, the village gardens are managed and supported to ensure best practices are followed and any issues are resolved timeously to prevent or reduce any crop losses.

The outcome of Earth’s Call Foundation Seed and Feed Drive results in a self-sufficient community, with the skills and knowledge base to feed themselves for generations to come. Surplus crops can be sold to generate an income for those involved at the same time and provides an alternative solution to sustain ones self as apposed to turning to crime. Through this process, communities are given hope and a purpose to life which uplift spirits and brings community members together towards a common goal.