What we stand for

Let’s Trade Goods promotes good values above all else! Integrity and morality are highly valued by the Agents involved with LTG.

Let’s Trade Goods promotes people to rethink, reduce, reuse & recycle. LTG teaches people to trade their unwanted goods for something they hold a value to. By trading, users save the environment and learn independence and gain confidence to navigate the world of their own business of creating a Greener Future. We help to save the environment by recycling/reusing products rather than sending them to landfills and polluting the earth. We also save money because it is free to trade, we don’t need to buy new items. We can keep trading till we have what we want!

Teaching children good values is the only key to changing our world.

Let’s Trade Goods uses Trading Zones to ensure the safety of young traders. Children are incentivized to use the Trade Zones. Potential criminal activity is minimized if people adhere to trade rules. Notifications to parents are built into the system for childrens' safety.

LTG has partnered with Earth's Call Foundation as their chosen NPO. LTG wishes to have a paradigm shift in the world steering it towards a sustainable future in which we all benefit. Earth’s Calls Foundation’s vision is to answer the call!

Trade platform for all

Let’s Trade Goods is a safe and social platform for anyone to trade their unwanted goods for items/goods they want. By using LTG, children specifically have a safe and convenient way to trade their wares with friends they know or with new friends they are going to make!

A world without money is unthinkable, but yet it is possible! Eons ago mankind did not have the monetary system we now use today. In fact, our monetary system is based on a form of bartering, exchanging money for products & possessions that we desire. In a modern day environment, the challenges facing a pure trade system without money will actually be less.

Now we have technology which gives us a platform to connect with many people instantly. It enables us to find new owners for our used possessions with a click of a button!

The toy box is full of items that are no longer played with and your child’s wallet or piggy bank is empty. Thank goodness you can solve both issues with the using the Let’s Trade Goods website and mobile application! You’ll be one proud parent when you see your child assigning a value to unwanted items and trading with other Let’s Trade Goods members.

They’ll want to keep toys and things in good condition, so they may trade them later on for maximum value. Keeping your items in great condition will allow them to have more appealing things in the future!

Benefits of Trading!

A dedicated platform for Parents, learners, students, companies and NPOs/NGOs Countrywide!
  • Traders learn basic business skills /ethics as well as values, morals, and manners.
  • A safe environment and system for users to trade goods for what they want.  
  • Clever traders can start small businesses from a young age. 
  • Traders get free vouchers once they select and visit a Trade Zone.
  • Schools can obtain what they need without fundraising.
  • Location exposure as registered businesses, NGO/NPOs, schools, and Safe Trade Zones are displayed on LTG's very own map!
  • Schools have an LTG agent to assist them.
  • Textbooks, uniforms, sports equipment, etc., can all be traded.
  • LTG offers businesses and companies many marketing opportunities.
  • LTG offers accessibility, communication and excellent exposure for all parties involved.
  • It is a safe, secure, educational & effective platform for all.
  • The site uses mascots that encourage and set an example for other kids. The mascots also encourage entrepreneurship from a young age. 

Built-in Safety Features!

  • Let’s Trade Goods has incorporated the use of Trade Zones to provide a safe location in public where the exchange of goods can occur.
  • Kids are encouraged to take a friend or a parent with to trade in a Trade Zone.
  • LTG has a strict Code of Conduct with consequences when broken.
  • Parents are kept informed of their child’s activity on the website.
  • Parents are alerted to each listing that is placed on the website via SMS or email.
  • Parents are kept informed of what is being traded, where & when.
  • LTG’s Privacy Policy complies with the online children's protection act.
  • A Filter is incorporated into the system to look for flagged words.
  • Trader rating alerts to the integrity of the person you are dealing with.

Benefits for NGOs and NPOs

  • LTG offers a database opportunity to NGO/NPOs, facilitating donations and trades. 
  • The site offers an opportunity to receive goods as listed on a wish list, through trading with other NPO/NGOs, companies and individuals.
  • The site offers location details through an incorporated GOOGLE map.
  • LTG offers accessibility, communication, and exposure for all parties involved.
  • The system facilitates B-BBEE opportunities through the Earth’s Call Foundation.
  • The site offers numerous marketing opportunities.

Benefits for Companies

  • LTG offers a database opportunity to companies to facilitate donations to worthy causes.
  • The site offers location details for NGOs/NPOs and schools through GOOGLE maps.
  • Companies can trade among themselves.
  • The site offers accessibility, communication and excellent exposure for all parties involved.
  • The site facilitates B-BBEE opportunities through the Earth’s Call Foundation.
LTG offers many marketing opportunities such as:-
  • Reaching greater share of a target market
  • Free vouchers generate more customers and greater exposure, e.g. of a new product.
  • Vouchers to purchase generate customers and more business.
  • Adverts on the LTG site generate greater customer awareness.
Companies can market the LTG drive as a national campaign to include staff and customers

Benefits to Schools

  • Exposure for donors businesses and NPO/NPOs on a database.
  • Teachers will have less challenges.
  • Rural schools will start to be innovative: water and vegetables can be traded.
  • Textbooks, uniforms & sports equipment etc can be traded.
  • Schools can create and manage their own wish lists
  • Being able to get what the school needs without unnecessary expenses.
  • LTG is associated with the Earth’s Call Foundation, a Level 1 registered Section 18A B-BEE 100% SED Beneficiary.
  • Location exposure.
  • Schools will have an LTG agent to assist them.
  • See Benefits to Learners & Students.
  • Also see School requirements.