The program will provide a strong ground focus on ecological services, basically, learn why Nature is important.

The level 2 Environmental practice skills course material will be integrated into the course which also deals with monitoring, evaluation, and reporting. The levels 2 and 5 are accredited by the LGSETA.

Sections of the course will align with the school’s curriculum so that the program coordinators can monitor the learner's overall academic performance.  If their marks go up at school it will add tremendous value and marketing potential to the rangers program.

The program will also offer the Environmental practice level 5 course for the 18-year-olds.  This accredited course will allow the youths to obtain jobs with SANPARKS or the municipality on a workers or management level. This could ensure that the program is not only offering a niche specific training program but one that lends itself to skills diversification.

The Success

The success of the programme depends on the number of schools that will be participating in the programme. There is at present 7 Tribal authorities with at least 3 schools in each area that will be participating in the program.

All of these areas border the Kruger Park. The program will only start with 7 schools in 2016, and each school will reach a maximum of 50 participating pupils by year 5. The Coordinators aim to include the rest of the 21 schools, depending on funding, as soon as possible.


Eugene Cussons

Eugene Cussons