Art By Murray

Michelle James is a full time South African artist living in White River, Mpumalanga. Her art is a simple and crisp interpretation of nature in semi-abstract, abstract and functional pieces of art. She draws her inspiration from the wildlife and beautiful indigenous trees of the Lowveld, where she resides.

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The Mashesha Stove

Our own audits (2014-2016) have indicated a minimum of 56 % fuel load saving. This has a direct impact on reduced smoke emissions. Without the innovation, women that use wood fuel in their kitchens are forced to endure the prescribed unpleasant working conditions.

Awards received:
2012 ETA awards: Winner of the Energy savings in the household’s category
2015 African Energy Awards: Winner in the Innovation Category
2015 Envirologic awards: Recycling Category: a Merit award
2016 Winner in the Education Category of the African Entrepreneurship.

The Mashesha stove is an efficient alternative for schools and addresses many issues including Smoke emissions and fuel savings. 6 Educators in rural communities, one rural school, Sappi Forests, York Timbers and White River Rotary have purchased stoves for their CSI. We have also created a trial spin-off for one rural group.

Place an order with Louise Williamson at lwilliamson@vodamail.co.za

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Children's Story Book

This, the first in a series of books aimed at giving our youth a foundation in African animal knowledge, deals with the plight of the Rhinos in Africa.

A rhino education book aimed at children aged between 5-12, which through its pages reveals the ugly truth of Rhino Poaching but leaves the power of support of the next generation in its wake. 

This is achieved by the book giving life and a personality to an animal that a child can connect with.  Suddenly Bongi becomes tangible as opposed to a rhino on the other side of a fence. The rhino now has a name, Bongi, and this is where the power of both the message within the story and the book itself lies.

In educating our children, hopefully, they can prompt adults to assist in the struggle to end this futile poaching for unsubstantiated medicinal uses in the east.

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Children's Story book - Afrikaans

This book teaches children to believe in their dreams, even though others laugh at you due to a lack of understanding.  It also teaches them that a dream can only become reality with persistence, dedication and hard work.  It is a powerful message for children, as well as grown-ups.

Helena wrote “Frikkie die Vlooi” in a way that children of all ages can understand the story.  The colourful illustrations bring the little flea to life.  Illustrations were created by Mary Lotter.

"I recommend this book for teachers, parents, children of all ages.  The story has a very positive influence on children’s outlook on life."  ~Francois Meyer (Afrikaanse digter & stigter van KunsWeb)

To order your book contact Helena Marais at helena@helenamarais.me

Visit her website HelenaMarais.me for more information on this book, A moment in time (Photographic poetry book) and Digital art.